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Significant Repairs to Building A1

Cobblefield Point Unit Owners,

As you now know, we have recently had some significant repairs required to Building A1 due to structural degradation and moisture infiltration inside the walls and flooring.  A construction company suggested that the repairs may have been required due to poor workmanship when the building was originally constructed.

The association hired an engineering firm to review the situation.  Additionally, the association filed a claim with its insurance company.  The insurance company hired its own forensic engineering firm (Donan Engineering) to evaluate the issue.  The engineering company that the association hired (Farnsworth Group) confirmed that there are several problems related to the original construction workmanship.  The forensic engineering firm hired by the insurance company also concluded that the damage was a result of faulty or improper workmanship.

Water Leak & Service Impacts to Buildings B1, B2, & A7

Updated May 7th – We have just been informed that the concrete contractor had an emergency this morning and is unable to be on site today (5/7) to repair the water leak between buildings A-7 and B-2. The work has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

A water leak has been detected under the drive between buildings A-7 and B-2. In order to identify the location of the leak and to fix the problem, this portion of Thornhill will be closed on Monday, May 7th.  This driveway will be closed for a few days as new concrete will need to be placed after the work is completed.  Please do not park any cars in the small parking area facing the pond near building B-2. The contractors have requested that this area remain clear for their use.

In addition buildings A-7, B-1 and/or B-2 may lose water service on Monday due to this leak. Please plan accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Myrna Webber at DRMCU or at 217-403-3300.

We appreciate the patience of all residents during this unexpected work.

Thank you,
HOA Board
(updated by Josh)